Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Hidden Staircase (Nancy Drew #2) by Carolyn Keene

Read: December 11-14, 2013
read in 4 days
pages: 182

The Hidden Staircase (Nancy Drew, #2)

Book Blurb:

Teenage detective Nancy Drew uses her courage and powers of deduction to solve the mysterious happenings in an old stone mansion.

Book two in the Nancy Drew series. These are super short, quick and easy reads. I enjoy them enough to keep reading them. They are light and fluffy. I don't even try to solve them, but that is not why I'm reading them!!! So sure you could easily solve the crime yourself should you so decide...it is junior fiction after all....but I choose not to. I choose to be entertained and that is all I'm looking for in these books!!

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