Friday, February 24, 2012

Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

read: February 20-24, 2012
read in 4 days
pages: 312

FINALLY!!! Some Eric time! Thank goodness. Of course Eric tricked her with the blood thing while they were in Rhodes and so they had a much stronger bond than prior to the Rhodes incident, and that may have been a part of the reason she was determined to save Eric and Pam after the bombing in Rhodes, but still I think she has always had this attraction to him that she kept trying to deny. And really why bother? So glad she finally gave into him. Although it was very "over-handed" as she says of him to conceal the knife and trick her into a union with him, but had he not done this she would have continued to fight what she wanted which was him. I say kudos to him. I enjoyed the Sookie and Eric time but I'm sure something is bound to happen that causes things to change as it is inevitable. Nice while it lasts though. I notice Bill is trying to win back her good graces. Hmm.....

I think though I'll be taking a break from the series at least for a bit to read some other stuff. I really enjoyed this one and look forward to picking up the rest.

From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris

Read: February 15-20, 2012
read in 5-6 days
pages: 359

As per usual all the action happens near the end. Everything that was a conflict created in the action is resolved, but once again there is no real resolution in terms of the relationships Sookie has with her men. Of course I pick up the next book the next day hoping for some resolution. More to the point is she and Eric going to hook up again or what? I'm tired of waiting!!!

I could have written a better review had I written in sooner, and not after having read the next book as well, but I forgot until I finished book 9 that I didn't write this review.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

Read: February 11-14, 2012
read in 4 days
pages: 323

Another Sookie book down. These are getting really typical in that the action all takes place within the last I'd say third of the book and then most everything is wrapped up pretty dang quickly within the last few pages. The thing that keeps me reading is that there is no real resolution in the end of each book, and not that there is a resolution in the next book per say, but I have to keep reading hoping I'll find one!! The main resolution of at least a part of this book I was looking for was a much needed conversation between Sookie and Eric. Come on quit dancing around the issue and GET TO IT ALREADY! Will they, won't they. There sure as heck better cause let me tell you all this reading and no Sookie/Eric action is grating on me.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Devil's Kitchen by Alison DeLuca

Read: February10-15, 2012
read in 6 days
pages: 187

Much much much better than the first!! I really enjoyed this one over the first. For starters the weaving of the character events from chapter to chapter worked so much better not only for the pacing of the events but it felt more fluid reading it. The first book felt like I was chopped off from Simon and Miriam after they were kidnapped and a great deal of time was spent with Neil and Riki on the island while rescuing Mana.

The ending of Devil's Kitchen felt a little rushed in terms of how things were wrapped up. Everything seemed to simple. The dealings with the headmasters were believeable, but the dealings with the Marchpanes and the Cantwells felt like things were way to simple. Dealing with the fact that the pair were producing a drug that they were actively administering and testing on people felt to be much greater than a simple "ok stop that now".

Overall this book had a lot more errors which was incredibly disappointing give the fact that I got to 50% of the way through the first book before having found an error. Despite that fact though I will give it much more props over the first as it flowed much better. I look forward to reading more from this author, I'm so glad to have found her books on Amazon and at the time they were free!! Always a plus to read FREE books and to find a new indie author! The snippet of Devil's Kitchen titled the Lamplighter looked like it dealt with the same characters so I'll be looking for that one!

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol

Read: February 2-4, 2012
read in three days
pages: 96

Eh, well I can at least say I've read it once. I want to say I liked it, but honestly I didn't care all that much for it. There is too much that is just disjointed. I read someone else's review who mentioned they felt that each chapter could be little stand alone stories in a way, and I would agree with that. Spastic little stories that make no sense, but little stories nonetheless. I finished it just thinking there might be some sense in the end. Turned out there was none. Pretty flat characters, and Alice really is annoying with her back and forth thinking. Ugh! Make a decision already. I thought this would be a great jumping off point to read Hatter by Daniel Coleman. I still look forward to Hatter, despite not having enjoyed Alice all that much. I will be also checking out the Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp. I'm sure it should at least be entertaining. I've not seen too many Johnny Depp movies that I didn't care for.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

Read: January 25-31, 2012
read in a week
pages: 324

Well, to phrase it as my friend did because I agree, what a dirty dog! Wow didn't see that coming with Bill. I'm so glad to see that Sookie kicked is lying ass to the curb! I'm hoping she doesn't give in to him again sometime in the future books though because even with some serious groveling I don't see how he can dig himself out of the hole he created. Granted it was at the queen's bidding that doesn't make it acceptable.

I appreciated the explanation FINALLY of why Hadley has been mentioned through the course of the story lines but it has never been made clear as to WHY we keep hearing about this estranged cousin that doesn't have anything to do with Sookie or her brother Jason. Finally some answers.

Interesting characters introduced, Quinn for instance. Imagine that Sookie has YET ANOTHER love interest. Sheesh. At least this one is living!! And fairy blood? Really? She has fairy blood and THAT is Eric's reason for being attracted to her? Likely not the only reason. I have always read Eric as a horn dog who just liked women. And Sookie happened to strike his fancy. Course now that they have shared blood that will link them but still, I think there was some attraction there to begin with aside from the fairy blood.