Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris

Read: January 20-25, 2012
read in 5 days
pages: 295

I'm not really sure why I didn't get around to writing a review on this. I remember now that I enjoyed the book. And kept waiting for Eric to recover his memory over the time he spent with Sookie, but alas he does not. He does however learn of it through Sookie in a form of blackmail by helping to save her friend Tara. So in a way he learns about it I just wish he would come to the realization himself as well so that he can remember details rather than the fairly tame version she reluctantly gave him. I'll just keep waiting then I guess. I'm worried the fact that I'm reading book 6 right now is affecting my review for this one and really should have wrote a review sooner, however I JUST now remembered I hadn't wrote one! Book 6 is revealing some new info that is changing my views on a certain character!

This book spent more time revolving around Jason and his being lost somewhere. Which we find out he was kidnapped by a jealous were-panther who spent the time biting Jason attempting to turn him into a were-panther. Turns out he succeeded and in he end Jason is newly inducted into this strange world of sups that Sookie has been immersed in since well the first book. Also the competition for the wolf pack leader. Brutal in parts to say the least, but I suppose at some point Sookie having been a witness to it will all make more sense than just being a supporter of Alcide's side. Nice introduction of Quinn, although I'm not sure I get the appeal of him, but Sookie does. No matter I'm still rooting for Eric.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Night Watchman Express by Alison DeLuca

Read: January 14-19, 2012
read in 5 days
pages: 324

The book follows Marian after her father has died and new guardians take over her home and her fathers business. They are some shady characters and Marian is out to figure out what is going on. Two other main characters are introduced fairly early, Simon the son of the guardians and Neil his poor friend. All great characters and I liked the story, but I was a bit disappointed with the second half of the book because while it had been following the young girl during the transition of new guardians taking over her home and her father's business, the second half there was a great split in terms of the story and where the characters were going. I understand the intended connection, but it didn't entirely work for me. Following Neil was interesting and there was a whole new set of characters to meet, but the way things were written it felt a bit disjointed. I'm thinking the second book will pick up with Marian and Simon after they were kidnapped. And if that be the case it would feel to me that things would have made more sense being split within the same book. For instance every other chapter or so split between the two story lines. I'll continue with the story either way because I am curious to see where things go. There isn't a great ending. It just sort of stops. The extra chapters may help, but I'll get to that with the actual book.

This was another free book from Amazon. I was very impressed to not have found an error until after that point. Being a free book, I have come to expect a few errors here and there, and this one has the least amount of errors I've seen with ebooks. Big plus!! As I write this the second book is also free, so I got that the other night. Hoping it will wrap up some loose ends that were left hanging in the end of this book. Another book that does not actually end at 100%, it was more like 94% with a few bonus chapters from the next book. Since I was able to snag the second book while it was free I didn't bother with reading them now.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris

Read: January 9-14, 2012
read: 6 days
pages: 291

This was great! I loved Eric and Sookie! I almost wish she had told him what happened while he was "dead to the world" but I think this could still come out at a later time. I agree with a co-worker/friend that this does feel like two shorter novels shoved together as one. The whole thing with Eric was great on its own, and the stuff with Jason well it was ok. Would have been better and felt more cohesive if the two plots were somehow connected. They aren't and it really caused a disjointed effect. So yes Melody I agree reading the "Eric parts" would not be a bad way to read the book and would not feel as though you were missing anything in the story. You would be getting the best parts though!! And honestly is there anything else that really progresses Sookie's personal story besides that portion? Not really. We were just introduced to more characters, crazy inbred characters at that, but just a new cast within Bon Temps.

I'm going to take a short break from Sookie and read something else. I've already started the something else and I'm really liking it so far. PLUS it was a FREE book on AMAZON! Even better. Free books sure make me happy! After this one though I might go back to Sookie for another round!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

read: January 7-9, 2012
read in three days
pages: 274

Ok, so now I like Bill less. I totally didn't see him pulling the cheater crap, but I'm so glad Sookie seems to be sticking to her guns and is going to end things with him. She sure took quite a beating and all for the vamp who cheated on her and was going to leave her without having a talk with her about it. And I have to say I really LOVED it when she flipped him the bird. As banged up as she was and she was struggling with her emotions so much this whole book, that it was really fitting. I'm rooting for Eric now, which he's always been just on the perimeter anyways. In the end although she rescinded the vamp's to be in her home. I was really hoping she would allow Eric to stay. I wondered what he could read of her emotions on that one. I think it shocked him to say the least!

I do wish the writing was a bit better. The author's habit of using "this night" for tonight is really annoying. I'm trying not to re-read a sentence with a different word thinking it sounded better, BUT at the same time I'm very much hooked. I like the characters and the world they are in. Its a very interesting take on vamps being out in the open and known about.

On to book 4! It's time for some Eric!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

read; January 4-7, 2012
read in three days
pages: 279

Still hooked and I really like how quick these are to read. Not a lot of substance, but that's ok. I will be continuing with the series. About the only thing I don't care for in the book is the writer's need to recap things that happened in the last book. I don't need all these details because I read them the first time through! I don't need to be told every time the vampire appears what he looks like. We got this information last book, let's move on.

After being told that Eric becomes Sookie's love interest I'm interested to see this relationship develop a bit more. Things are progressing, but Bill is still around. And really....Bill? That does not scream hot sexy vampire to me. But eh neither does Eric. Although Eric is a bit more alluring which is probably because he is still so unknown at this point. Not that I want anything to happen to Bill, cause he's a good guy as far as vamps go.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Read: January 2-3, 2012
read in a day
pages: 292

Another long time "to-read" book down! Love that! The bonus with this one, unlike last time, was that I really enjoyed this one. Likable enough characters, and a fairly interesting story. I guess what I liked most is the relationship between Sookie and Bill. I'll continue on with the series to see where things lead. From the start it has got my attention and it just might hold it. I believe there is 11 maybe 12 books. Hopefully I can make this last me a bit, but given how fast I'm moving through them I may need more material before long!

Quick enjoyable read on the whole. I finished this one in I'd say a good 10 hours maybe. Maybe not even that much. Just broke it up between two days since I had to work the second day. Recommend to anyone reading the vampire fiction that is out there. It has the vampires, the love story and a bit of mystery to solve thrown in. Plus Sookie has "powers" she uses to help the vampires so that makes for a story line that I'd think should continue throughout.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Before (Heaven and Hell) by Cambria Hebert

Read: January 2, 2012
read in >30 minutes
pages: really short

This was an ok story. Nothing fabulous. Not impressed enough to consider purchasing the first book in the Heaven and Hell series. It had a feel of most teen novels, the not so great ones. The girl's name is actually Heven. Ugh. Very unoriginal. This was just a free short story introducing the characters for the series. The monster that Sam speaks of working for was a bit interesting just because they never mention what exactly the monster was. I'd like to know but I'm not dying to know.

Just One Taste (The V V Inn Prequel #0.5) by C.J. Ellisson

Read: January 2, 2012
read >30 minutes
pages: extremely short

Eh. Nothing much to this. Barely long enough to consider it a short story. Free from amazon as an introduction to the characters Rafe and Dria and how they met. The last portion of the ebook is the first bit of Vampire Vacation. I think I'll pass though. Not really going to say I could recommend it to anyone. Unless you just really want to read all vampire related fiction. I think this may be among the lower quality though.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dead(ish) by Naomi Kramer

Read: December 31, 2011 - January 1, 2012
read in an hour and a half
pages: 104

If I had known that 93% was technically 100% of this book I could have finished this last night. I should have stuck with it even though I was ready for bed. Either way I'm done and I'm so glad I didn't pay anything for this book. I don't think I've read a book that uses the "F" word as frequently as this book. And I know I've read alot of books that don't refrain from using it or other choice words.

Anyways the idea of the story isn't terrible but I didn't like any of the characters all that much. Everything happened really quickly which it had to since this was a short story. The humorous thing was that Linda the woman that is dead(ish) hung around looking for her body and she was constantly screwing around with her ex-boyfriend/murderer. She was not a great character but once in a while did something funny. Like choosing Mike's wardrobe for court. That was a nice touch.

I'm not going to recommend it to anyone because I'd rather save anyone from the trouble of reading it and dissatisfied as well. Although the book contains an excerpt from (technically)DEAD I will not read any further. I'm not interested in the series.